ELIGIBLE brands and Retailers

The Indigo Invitational needs support. We are not willing to charge our competitors an entrance fee, so we have reached out to brands and retailers. They have stepped up in a big way. 

This support is a two-way street. We support the brands and stockists that support us. We’ve done this by adding an eligibility component.

Your support for these brands and retailers will help keep the Indigo Invitational viable and independent.


To be eligible for the redline rally, your made-to-fade shirt or jacket must be purchased from one of our contest partners listed below.

is it Made To Fade?

Only made-to-fade shirts and jackets are eligible for the Redline Rally

The following fabrics are eligible:

* Raw denim * Canvas (unwaxed or waxed) * Dobby / Kersey *

The following fabrics are NOT eligible:

* Pre-faded or washed-down denim * Chambray * Leather * Linen *

With so much to choose from, we’ve recommended a few items from each of our partners. These recommendations will be updated as new items are released or as old ones sell out. We encourage you to explore all your options before purchasing.

Any questions? contact us

Our list of partners will grow over the coming weeks and months. If you’d like to see a brand included, let us know.

If you have any doubts about the eligibility of the jacket or shirt you’re considering, email us before you purchase.



Benzak Denim

Developers 🇳🇱


Benzak is what happens when a passionate denimhead and fade enthusiast builds a brand that resonates deeply with his love for raw denim and fade culture. The iconic steer horns and the subtly European styling make Benzak pieces immediately recognisable, and the brand continues to innovate, pushing into new territory with their stunning East/West collaborations. Their elegant yet rugged pieces deserve to be worn 365 days a year. To be eligible, pieces must be purchased through the Benzak web-shop. 

Redline Recommends:

Benzak Cowboy Jacket – Japanese Tiger Selvedge (15oz)

BDJ-05 Trucker Jacket – Kojima Selvedge (15.5oz) – Coming Soon!

Benzak Rider Jacket – Vintage Indigo Selvedge (15oz)

Choochai Indigo 🇹🇭


The pride of Thailand, Choochai has quickly made a name for himself with his impeccable craftmanship and his artist’s eye for details. His custom jackets and shirts bear his indelible mark, and discerning denimheads can identify a Choochai creation from across the room. All his pieces are made to order, and his pieces are sure to be in high demand for the Rally, so get in line early. To be eligible, pieces must be purchased directly from Choochai.


Redline Recommends:

Choochai is a custom maker. He makes pieces to exacting customer specifications. Here are a few examples of his work (one new, the other faded).




Companion Denim 🇪🇸


With their trademark stylish flourishes, Spain’s Companion Denim, lu Franquesca at the helm, has been a leader in the European denim scene since 2012. Rather than mass producing pieces in popular veins, Companion focuses on meticulously crafting pieces that the owner will bond with. They want every Companion piece to move directly to the centre of your rotation, which makes them a perfect fit for the Redline Rally. An excellent choice for extremely picky denimheads who want to go their own way. To be eligible, must be purchased from the Companion Denim web-shop.


Redline Recommends:


Cone Denim Tribute Jacket – Cone Mills Selvedge (14.75oz


Rancho Duck Shirt – Caramel American Canvas (15oz)


Olive Field Jacket – Herringbone Selvedge (14oz)

Ginew 🇺🇸


America’s only native-owned and Native-operated selvedge brand, Ginew stands tall on its principles. From careful sourcing to impeccable finishing, the brand breathes new life into vintage forms. Every piece in their collection has a compelling story behind it. Fuse Ginew’s stories with your own and the result will be more than a story: it will be a legend. To be eligible, pieces must be purchased from Ginew’s web-shop.

Redline Recommends: 

Thunderbird Jacket – White Oak (13.75oz)

Selvedge Denim Rider Jacket – White Oak (12oz)

Wax Canvas Rider Jacket – Brown (10.1oz)

Iron Heart 🇬🇧

Iron Heart is the standard-bearer in so many categories, and we’re proud to have them with us as partners for the Redline Rally. They embody the ethos of the fade-loving community so well that we couldn’t imagine doing this without them. They have a wide range of made-to-fade shirts and jackets, and all of them are eligible for the Redline Rally. To be eligible, Iron Heart shirts and jackets must be purchased through the Iron Heart web-shop.

Redline Recommends:

Selvedge Denim Western – Indigo (12oz)

Wabash Western – Indigo (12oz)

Left-Hand Twill Selvedge Type III – Overdyed Indigo (19oz

Iron & White 🇮🇹


Shirts from this young and hungry Italian designer have become a runaway underground success. The milled-in-England 13oz raw denim and the carefully designed silhouette and antique snaps add some muscle and aggression to the traditional western. Orders are piling up, so if you want to wear an I&W in the Redline Rally, reach out to Simone before the line stretches around the block. To be eligible, pieces must be purchased directly from Simone.


Redline Recommends:

Denim Western – Ready to wear (13oz)

Denim Western – Custom (13oz)

Against the Grain – Corduroy Collar (13oz)

Messa Fine Goods 🇮🇩

Messa Fine Goods rose to prominence a few years ago when they released their first Blue Legacy Series trucker jacket. They quickly gathered a strong following in Jakarta’s booming fade scene, and, with a keen eye for beauty and detail, they’re poised to build on their initial success in the coming years. To be eligible, pieces must be purchased from Messa Fine Goods. Get in touch with the owners through Instagram.


Redline Recommends:

True Blue Legacy Trucker Jacket – Olive Weft (13.5oz)

Messa’s best made-to-fade shirts are made to order.

Blue Legacy IV – Indigo x Black (14oz)

Léon Denim 🇵🇭


The only selvedge denim company in the Philippines, Léon Denim has fought tooth and claw to claim their patch of ground in the SE Asian denim scene. They started making jeans (the old way and the right way) in 2014, and they quickly established themselves as a brand to watch. The pieces that come out of their small suburban workshop are absolute masterpieces—perfect canvases upon which to paint your fade masterpiece. To be eligible, pieces must be purchased from Léon’s web-shop.


Redline Recommends:

Sierra Nevada Miner’s Pullover – Nihonmempu (10oz)

Type I WW2 Denim Jacket – Collect Mills (13.5oz)

Type II Jacket – Natural Twill (16oz)

Nama Denim 🇹🇭


Discerning denimheads who want something truly unique that has been tailored to exacting specifications have Nama at the top of their list. Nama, which means “fresh” or “raw” in Japanese, know that the perfect garment starts with the perfect fabric, and they offer some of the best fast-fading denims you can find anywhere. To be eligible, pieces must be purchased from Nama Denim’s web-shop.


Redline Recommends:

Denim Western Shirt – Japanese Selvedge (10oz)

Custom Type III – Red-Weft Kaihara Selvedge 

Custom Chore Coat with Sherpa Lining

Old Blue 🇮🇩

The first name in Indonesia’s booming selvedge denim scene, Old Blue has been outfitting selvedge fanatics in Jakarta for more than a decade. When faders started to show what they could do on a pair of Old Blues, the brand’s profile quickly grew. They are now one of the world’s most sought-after brands for fade enthusiasts. Their jackets and shirts sell out quickly, so keep an eye on their web-shop. To be eligible, pieces must be purchased from Old Blue (either online or in-store).


Redline Recommends:

Work Jacket Type II – Over-Slub Selvedge (18oz)

Rogue Territory 🇺🇸

Rogue Territory’s 2021 capsule collections have absolutely blown the roof off the denim scene. RGT pieces are some of the best fade foundations around, and we know that faders want the opportunity to see what 365 days of wear can do to their shirts and jackets. Thanks to our partnership, the Redline Rally is your opportunity to put an RGT shirt or jacket through its paces. To be eligible, pieces must be purchased from the Rogue Territory web-shop.

Redline Recommends:

Work Shirt – Japanese Indigo (11oz)

Work Shirt – Stealth Black Denim (11oz)

Supply Jacket – Japanese Indigo (15.25oz)

Ruttloff Garments 🇩🇪


Johann has been gunning for the best denim tailor in Europe crown for more than a decade, and each piece that goes out his door only strengthens his case. He sees the inside of his denim garments as his “playground”, and, whether custom or off the rack, his pieces show a tailor at the top of his game who is having as much fun as a preschooler on a swing set. To be eligible, Ruttloff pieces must be purchased through Ruttloff’s web-shop.

Exclusive raw denim shirt


Redline Recommends:

Ruttloff will soon be releasing an extremely limited run of raw denim shirts. He’s only producing 10 of them, and they’ll get snapped up almost immediately. Contact Johann to pre-order one of the shirts.





Our Y2 banner sponsor and proud partners of the Indigo Invitational since day one, SOSO are rapidly becoming the world’s first choice when it comes to reasonably priced made-to-measure denim. The fade potential of their fabrics was well documented in year one of the competition. We’re excited to see how their jackets and shirts will perform in the Redline Rally. To be eligible, pieces must be purchased through SOSO’s web-shop.

SOSO will work with you to tailor something to your measurements using any one of the dozens of raw denim they have in stock. Here are some of our favourite examples of SOSO’s custom work:

Lined Canvas Selvedge Overshirt (13oz)

Custom Jacket – Ghost Indigo (20oz)

Custom jacket – Orange Weft Slub (15oz)

Stock tank Supply 🇺🇸


This young label with its aspirational roots in the Canadian North has been gathering a considerable following since introducing its first raw denim jeans. The brand emphasises quality, dependability, and sustainability, and they give back to the community they serve. They are just about to introduce their first raw denim jacket, and it looks tailor made for this competition. We only have this one recommendation for them, but it’s as strong as they come.





**Pre-order coming soon**


Tellason 🇺🇸


As much as any brand, Tellason stands tall on its principles: they put quality before quantity and timeless simplicity before the fashionable trends of the moment. They support American industry and preserve the traditions of American-made denim. They always start with the faded end-state in mind, so their jackets and shirts are tailor made for the Redline Rally. To be eligible, Tellason pieces must be purchased from their online web-shop.

Redline Recommends:

Topper Shirt – Rope-Dyed (7.5oz)

Jean Jacket – Kaihara Selvedge (16.5oz)

Coverall Jacket – Kaihara Selvedge (12.5oz)

WingMan Denim 🇮🇩

While Wingman might not be a household name in the West, those in the thriving fade scene in Jakarta know that Wingman might be the best bang-for-your-buck fade foundation on the planet. We’ve been watching a few pairs of Wingman develop in the Indigo Invitational, and what looked too good to be true at first turned out to be the genuine article. A great option for those who want to get a lot without spending a lot.


Redline Recommends:

Asakura Rider Jacket – Kuroki Mills (14oz)

Type III – Indonesian Brown Duck Selvedge (12oz)

Western Shirt – Indigo Denim (11oz)



Iron Shop Provisions 🇺🇸

Iron Shop Provisions is a relative newcomer on the retail scene, but the founders have quickly proven that they know exactly what the American market needs. Rather than a scattershot approach, they pick their brands and pieces very carefully, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself drooling over absolutely everything they carry. To be eligible, pieces must be purchased from Iron Shop Provisions (either online or in-store).

Redline Recommends:

Flat Head Work Shirt – Indigo Wabash (10oz)

Rogue Territory ISC Workshirt – Indigo Selvedge Canvas (XX)

Rogue Territory Supply Jacket – Cryptic Indigo (13.5oz)


Manufaktur 🇸🇪


One of the denim-loving capitals of the world, Sweden has produced some of the world’s most coveted denim brands and some of the most enthusiastic faders out there. Göteborg Manufaktur is at the core of this scene. Nestled in Sweden’s second-largest city, they stock a carefully curated range of European, Japanese, and American workwear brands. Stockholm may be beautiful, but Göteborg is where it’s at.


TCB Ranchman – Japanese Denim (8.5oz)


  Indigofera Ryman – Ohira Denim (8oz) 


Trophy Dirt Denim Jacket – Okayama Selvedge (14.5oz)

James Dant 🇺🇸

At the heart of James Dant’s approach to the market is a deep sense of belonging. Customers are welcomed like family members, and, rather than driving for that purchase, the goal is a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the finer and more-lasting things. When we are purchasing passionately made workwear, each piece matters, and James Dant clearly cares as deeply about well-made workwear as we do. To be eligible, pieces must be purchased from James Dant (either online or in-store).

Redline Recommends:

Japan Blue Type II – Indigo Sashiko (11oz)

Taylor Stitch Long Haul – Black Over-Dye (13oz) 

TCB 30s Jacket – Memphis Cotton Selvedge (12.5oz)

Lost & Found 🇨🇦

Toronto’s Lost & Found specialize in top-shelf menswear from some of the world’s best makers. Their focus on well-made brands frequently intersects with the workwear scene, and they carry some of the hard-to-find made-in-Japan brands that denimheads crave. To be eligible, pieces must be purchased from Lost & Found (either online or in-store).

Redline Recommends:

Real McCoy’s MJ20024 Jacket – Japanese Denim (14.3oz)

Real McCoy’s 8HU Serviceman Shirt – Japanese Denim (8oz)

Warehouse WWII Jacket – One Wash (13.5oz)


Tokyo-based Okayama Denim has long been the premier destination for those who know that Kojima is more than just a place: it’s the birthplace of Japanese-made selvedge. The denim that is produced in the Okayama prefecture is made carefully, passionately, and uncompromisingly. The good people at Okayama Denim sell it the same way. The result is, bar none, the best customer service in the game. To be eligible, pieces must be purchased from the Okayama Denim web-shop.

Redline Recommends:

Studio D’Artisan Selvedge Western Shirt – American cotton (14oz)

Momotaro Type II – Natural Indigo Weft (13.5oz)

Big John Rare Jacket – Japanese Selvedge (15.5oz)

 Populess 🇨🇦

Based in Lethbridge, Alberta, Populess is about as far from major urban centers as they are from fast-fashion principles. They are dedicated to the principle of buying fewer and better things, and this makes them a perfect fit for the Redline Rally. Everything they carry is designed to last and designed to be the only one of its kind in your collection. Wear their pieces well, and wear them into the ground.

Redline Recommends:

Unbranded Denim Jacket – Indigo Selvedge (14.5oz)

Freenote Scout – Olive Canvas (12oz)

Railcar Ace Wabash 

Redcast Heritage 🇪🇸

Madrid’s Redcast Heritage specialize in hard-to-find Japanese denim brands. More than this, though, they seek a way to bring the best of workwear and made-to-fade fashion to the west, showcasing both what to wear and how to wear it. They’re a small shop, but they have a huge heart and a tremendous sense of style. To be eligible, pieces must be purchased from Redcast heritage (either online or in-store).

Redline Recommends:

TCB Ranchman – Mura Denim (8.5oz)

UES Type II Jacket – Zimbabwe Cotton (14.9oz)

Oni Type III – Secret Denim (20oz)

Rivet & Hide 🇬🇧

With brick-and-mortar shops in London and Manchester, Rivet and Hide have been stalwarts in the UK raw denim scene for nearly a decade. Thanks to their carefully curated selection of the best denim brands from Japan, the United States, and Europe, they remain the Uk’s premier destination for those seeking the best that the denim world has to offer. Due to Brexit complications (hopefully temporary), this offer does not include EU customers.

Redline Recommends:

Indigofera Copeland – Gunpowder Selvedge (14oz)

Iron Heart Modified Type III – Indigo x Black (14oz)

Mister Freedom Rough Rider Ranch Blouse (15.5oz)

Self Edge 🇺🇸

More than any other retailer, Self Edge was responsible for exposing North American consumers to Japan’s premium raw denim lines. Starting with a pile of jeans that represented their life savings, the founders staked everything on one throw of the dice. Thanks to their uncompromising principles and keen eye for quality, the newborn enterprise quickly became the central pillar in America’s selvedge scene. To be eligible, pieces must be purchased from Self Edge (either online or in-store).

Redline Recommends:

Studio D’Artisan 14oz Denim Workshirt

Sugar Cane 1953 Type II – Okinawa Selvedge (11oz)

3sixteen Type III Jacket – Shadow Selvedge (13oz)

Signet Store🇵🇭


Effortlessly combining durable but elegant menswear with made-to-fade and made-to-last classics, Signet Store stocks a dizzying array of hard-to-find workwear brands, including Real McCoy’s, The Flat Head, and Trophy (just to name a few). A destination for the well-dressed man who adheres to well-made principles, Signet Store is a taste-maker’s paradise.


Redline Recommends:

Warehouse Type 1 – 2001XX

Real McCoy’s Sawtooth Western – MS17108

Visvim Lhamo – One Wash (8oz.)

Statement 🇩🇪

Statement was founded in 2014 on passionate grounds and slow-fashion principles. They offer Europe’s most-eclectic range of well-made pieces, mixing the best of Japan with the best of the West. Every piece Statement carries has been carefully selected for its ability to age beautifully. Every story begins with a statement. To be eligible, must be purchased from the Statement web-shop.


Redline Recommends:


  Indigofera Copeland – 29 Hand-Dip Selvedge (13oz)


Momotaro Coverall – Indigo Dobby (13oz)


Samurai Hisho Western – Ear of the Sword Selvedge (10oz)