why we need the redline rally

rally around the indigo invitational


The Redline Rally isn’t just something we want to do. It’s something we need to do. If you’re on the fence, here are a few things to consider.


the invitational needs the redline rally


A shirts/jackets fading competition is something the people have been asking for. It’s clearly something the community wants, and we’re as eager to dedicate a year to a single piece as we know many of you are, but the Redline Rally is about more than that.


For nearly two years, the founders have been pouring their time into running the Indigo Invitational. It’s been a labour of love, and that love has been returned to us in so many ways. The costs were negligible during the first year, but that was when we had a little over 100 competitors. We started Year Two with more than 850 competitors.


To put the matter simply, the competition needs support to remain viable and independent.


“The Indigo Invitational needs support to remain viable and independent”


It’s been suggested to us more times than we can count that we should start charging competitors to enter. From the beginning, we promised not to come to you with our hands out. Our position is that competitors have already paid for their entry by spending hundreds of dollars on your denim. In our books, that’s enough.


We knew the support for the Indigo Invitational would have to come from elsewhere. Tentatively, we reached out to a few brands and stockists to ask for their help. They came back to us immediately (almost instantaneously, in fact). One after another, brands and retailers we contacted pledged their support in the form of a small commission on pieces registered in the competition.


This support is a two-way street. For the Redline Rally, we will support the brands and retailers that support us. We hope you will do the same.


keep the ii wide open and free


By supporting our sponsors and registering a shirt or jacket in the competition, you are making a small but essential contribution to the Indigo Invitational. Each registration is a small signal that you think what we are doing is valuable and meaningful.


Like the Indigo Invitational, The Redline Rally is not about winning or even about competing. It’s about doing something together. We’re building a community, and we want that community to thrive and, most importantly, to last. The Redline Rally is how we do that.



Yes, your choices are limited to items available through our participating sponsors. Thanks to support from some of the largest names in the made-to-fade game, faders have access to hundreds of eligible products from dozens of brands. If you’re dead set on something that’s not yet on the list, email us and we’ll see what we can do.


If we can do this as a group, the Indigo Invitational can remain exactly the same as it has always been. It can be entirely free for competitors, and faders can choose any pair of denim they like.


If you believe, as we do, that the Indigo Invitational needs to remain wide open and free, help us keep it that way.    


we’ve saved the best for last


The best reason to join the Redline Rally has nothing to do with supporting the competition or the makers and sellers that have supported us. If the reasons above aren’t enough to convince you, do it for the fades.


We have all seen beautifully faded examples of shirts and jackets. We know what we need to do to produce these fades, but many of us keep adding pieces to the rotation. It’s the same problem that we created the Indigo Invitational to address, and the solution is the same.


Last year, we proved that fade masterpieces are within our reach provided that we have a good reason to remain disciplined. Can we bring this same level of discipline to above-the-belt fades? The Redline Rally is how we find out.


Want proof that, with discipline, incredible above-the-belt fades are possible?

9 Months in Sweden – Photo from Heddels

I recently came across a Heddels Fade Friday piece that showed exactly what is possible when a determined fader meets a made-to-fade shirt. Nils Johansson of Sweden put nine months’ worth of wear into an 11oz Nudie Gunnar shirt. After nine months’ worth of wear (including four washes and one soak), he had a faded masterpiece. Those of us who put the work in and remain discipline can expect something similar.


Nils Johansson’s Faded Masterpiece – Photo from Heddels

More than anything, it was seeing these fades that convinced us that a shirt and jacket fading competition was viable. Beautiful high-contrast shirt fades are as rare as hen’s teeth in this scene, but made-to-fade shirts will do what they were designed to do if we bring all of our focus to them.


We don’t have to forsake all our other tops, and we certainly don’t need to spend 365 days in one piece, but we do need to put one shirt or jacket at the very center of our rotation, and we need to leave it there. When that new release calls our name, we need a very good reason to keep our focus on the slow work we’re already doing.


Resisting temptation won’t be easy, but we’ve proven with the Indigo Invitational that, when we share a common and attainable goal, anything is possible.






“Why are women as rare as hen’s teeth in the denim scene?”

“Most of us have the same story. We try to convince our female partners or friends to try raw denim, but more often than not they find the experience intensely frustrating.”

“If premium workwear brands want to reach female consumers in any significant numbers, they need to do more than release versions of their made-for-men products in female sizes.”

They’ve got legs

Female raw denim consumers could be the industry’s next big wave

Female faders have dramatically limited options. There are a small handful of brands working to change this, but not enough of them to move the needle. The brands that are willing to go out on a limb and address the female market with a compelling reason to try raw denim will be in pole position when women start to make the switch to raw denim.

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