Denim Must Be Raw

  • Keep your jeans dry. No soaking or washing prior to the start date. Sanforized or one-wash pairs are allowed. 
  • You can hem or taper your jeans before the start date.  





Fades Must Be Natural

  • No sanding, pinching, or ironing creases in. Let the fades develop naturally.
  • A bit of bleach in the wash is fine, but do not apply bleach directly to your denim.
  • Ocean washes are fine, but sand scrubs are not. 
  • Starching is discouraged





Support Each Other

  • We are a tight-knit, denim-loving community. Be kind and courteous. 
  • Do nothing that gives you an unfair edge over your competitors



The Small Print..

Detailed Rule Books for the Indigo Invitational & The Redline Rally Can Be Found Below.

Indigo Invitational Rule Book


Redline Rally Rule Book