The Rules Are Simple.





Raw Denim

  • Brand-new raws only. All competitors must submit raw proof so we can verify that their jeans are brand new on the start date. We prefer pictures of your jeans folded with the tags still on them, but we’ll accept close-up photographs if the tags have been removed. 
  • Keep your jeans dry. No soaking or washing prior to the start date. Sanforized or one-wash pairs are allowed (provided that they come from the factory like this).
  • Except for hemming (preferably at the point of purchase), no alterations before the start date.




Natural FADEs

  • No sanding or pinching. Let the fades develop naturally.
  • A bit of bleach in the wash is fine, but do not apply bleach directly to your denim.
  • Ocean washes are fine, but sand scrubs are not. 
  • Starching is discouraged

Golden Rule: Do nothing that gives you an unfair edge over your competitors





Wash (by hand or machine) as many times as you like. 

Repair your jeans as many times as necessary

  • Hand repairs (e.g., sashiko or patching) are encouraged.
  • Professional repairs are also allowed.




Support Each Other

The Indigo Invitational may be competition, but at its heart, at the core of the yarn, it’s a tight knit community. Be kind.