CUFF to Cuff Tough

Like the Indigo Invitational, the Redline Rally represents a unique opportunity to bring 365 days of fading effort to a single garment. It’s a test of our fading discipline, and those who pass the test will cross the finish line with a beautifully faded piece.    

The rules are straightforward:

• Everybody starts at the same time with a brand-new made-to-fade shirt or jacket purchased from an eligible brand or retailer.
• Contest lasts for one full year (May 2021 – May 2022).
• All fades must be earned (no sanding, scrubbing, or pinching).
• Monthly updates via the SUBMISSIONS page.

 Complete Redline Rally Rulebook





To be eligible for the Redline Rally, the shirt or jacket must be purchased from one of our participating sponsors. Thanks to broad industry support, you can pick from dozens of eligible brands and hundreds of eligible shirts and jackets.

The Indigo Invitational needs support to remain viable and independent. Rather than asking our competitors to pay an entrance fee (something we promised we’d never do), we have sought and received support from raw denim brands and retailers. When you purchase an eligible shirt or jacket from one of our Redline Rally Partners, you’ll be supporting the competition and helping us continue the work we’re doing.


Redline Rally Partners

To register for the Redline Rally, you will need to submit proof of purchase from one of the brands or retailers who have partnered with the competition. If you want to fade a jacket or shirt that isn’t available from one of our partners, or if you are a brand or stockist that would like to be included, email us


What to Wear


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