Redline Rally Prizes

Rogue Territory

$500 Gift Certificate

Starting as a custom denim shop in 2008, the RGT badge has always stood for sleek design and immaculate finishing. If their jackets are good enough for 007, they can probably handle whatever you can throw at them.


$500 Gift Certificate

Long-time friend and supporter of the Invitational community, SOSO continues to win new customers in the rugged menswear space thanks to their careful approach to both tailoring and service.


250euro Gift Certificate

Barcelona’s Companion Denim, helmed by Lu Franquesa, one of Europe’s most gifted workwear ateliers, provides discerning denimheads with one-of-a-kind stylish workwear garments that will wear gracefully and age beautifully.


1 Pair of Black-Weft Jeans

Wingman has turned heads in the denim scene thanks to their ability to combine incredible value and spectacular fade potential. One of the denim world’s best-kept secrets—but not for long.


2 Wallets & 1 Belt

A small shop with a big heart in small-town Canada, Populess carries a carefully curated selection of well-made and rugged pieces from some of the world’s best workwear brands. 


1 Shirt & 1 Jacket

An underground hit in the Japanese denim scene for more than a decade, TCB Jeans has been producing stitch-perfect reproductions of vintage classics since 2007. A must for vintage faders.


Orange Coverall Jacket

Tellason doesn’t stay abreast of the trends. They understand better than anybody that the simple things done well will remain relevant and stylish. While fashion trends come and go, the classics live forever, and Tellason does simple classics as well as anybody. 


1 Tanuki Jacket 

Tanuki brings creativity, passion and boldness to an industry dominated by tradition. They blend  sharp design with traditional high-quality garment manufacturing to produce some of the world’s best denim.

Stock Tank

1 Custom Hat

Born in the Canadian wilds but maturing in Los Angeles, Stock Tank is an icon in the making. They have one of our favourite selvedge lines for women, spectacular custom lids, and one of the best-looking Type IIIs anywhere.


1 Belt

This one-man operation produces a wide range of beautiful leather products, but Isaac has become a household name for his leather belts. For the discerning selvedge enthusiast, no outfit is complete without one.   

Iron Heart

1 Iron Heart Shirt

A name synonymous with hard-wearing and long-lasting denim and the culture surrounding it, Iron Heart made their name (and continue to make it year after year) by producing garments that go the distance. 

Ginger Wood

The Cuff to Cuff Cup

Since purchasing his first lathe in 2008, German artisan Franz Keilhofer has been creating functional wood pieces that can stand on their own as works of art. A truly breathtaking fusion of colour and craft that needs to be seen up close to be fully appreciated.

Choochai Indigo

Handwoven Wabash Piece 

An up and comer in the custom denim scene, Thailand’s Choochai Indigo has only been producing custom garments for a few years, but his attention to detail and his impeccable fits have made his made-to-fade pieces some of the most desirable items for denim enthusiasts everywhere. 

Nama Denim

Make Your Own Jacket

The world is starting to appreciate the depths of Thailand’s passion for denim, thanks in no small part to custom makers like Nama. The Bangkok-based brand has built a stellar reputation on the back of their fast-fading denims and impeccable tailoring.


€150 Gift Certificate

With beautiful collaborations under their belt with Samurai and Japan Blue Jeans, Benzak Denim Developers are making sure that the mark they leave on this scene is an indelible one. A great choice for those who want to fuse Japanese craftsmanship and European styling.