A name synonymous with hard-wearing and long-lasting denim and the culture surrounding it, Iron Heart made their name (and continue to make it year after year) by producing garments that go the distance.

Their hard-wearing pairs are perfect companions for the long and winding road. When that road rises up to meet you, your trusty Iron Hearts will be there to protect you.

With their ongoing support of the Invitational, Iron Heart has more than lived up to their reputation as strong supporters of denim culture.

We’re proud to welcome Iron Heart back for Year Three as a competition partner.



Sweden-based SoSo aims to be the world’s largest producer of affordable, custom-made, high-quality denim.

They’ve made leaps and bounds as a brand over the last decade thanks to their ability to listen to and learn from denim lovers and fade enthusiasts. Like no other brand out there, they are plugged into the denim loving community.

Whether you’re looking for the world’s heaviest denim or just the perfect-fitting pair of beautifully tailored selvedge, SOSO has got you covered.

We’re proud to welcome SOSO back for Year Three as a competition partner.


As one of the driving forces behind the selvedge revolution in the ‘90s, Full Count helped turn Japan’s passion for well-made American heritage into a global movement.

The fourth member of the Osaka Five, they were one of the first brands to develop a cult-like following on the other side of the Pacific.

Their focus on wearability and durability make their butter-soft Zimbabwe cotton pairs a perfect choice for vintage faders, but they’ve got some incredible heavy and textured denims for contrast nuts too.

We are proud to have Full Count with us as one of our supporting partners for Year 3.


Founded in 1998 in Osaka, Samurai Jeans quickly pushed the world of selvedge denim in new directions. From the beginning, every design decision had fades front of mind.

This fade-forward focus means that nobody in the denim world can lay as much claim to fade supremacy as Samurai Jeans. Put simply, nothing fades like Samurai denim.

Samurai were one of the first brands to experiment with heavyweight denim with the aim of producing a fabric that would produce stunning contrast fades, and in 2006, they initiated the world’s first denim fading competition. For these innovations (and for countless others), we owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.  

We’re proud to welcome Samurai Jeans as one of our Year Three competition partners.


The reigning kings of Kojima, Japan Blue (parent company of both Momotaro and Collect Mills) have singlehandedly turned the sleepy Japanese town into a beacon for denimheads worldwide.

Momotaro’s battle stripes have been blazoned across some of our favourite pairs from past competitors, and we’re expecting to see even more of the iconic painted arcuates on our competitors’ backsides this year. 

We’re proud to welcome Japan Blue and Momotaro as competition partners for Year Three.




One of Thailand’s best-known makers of heavy-duty denim for fade enthusiasts, Piger Works has been making hardcore garments since 2010.

The Beasts from the East have recently drawn the attention of denimheads in the West, who are quickly learning that Piger’s pairs can stand tall beside even the world’s best heavy selvedge.

We’re very pleased to welcome Piger Works as a Year Three competition partner.

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Made by and for pioneers in both deed and spirit, &Sons garments reference bold and hard-wearing pieces from the past while keeping both feet planted in the present.

With their immediately recognizable pieces, the UK-based brand has been elbowing out space for itself in the rugged scene, winning over vintage-minded sartorialists with their impeccable styling and careful craftsmanship.

We’re very pleased to welcome &Sons Trading Co. as a Year Three competition partner.




Germany’s premier denim atelier provides an unrivalled bespoke denim experience that brings together the world’s best selvedge denim with immaculate tailored fits. 

Whether you’re a tough-to-fit denim lover or just in search of the best-possible combination of fit and fabric, Ruttloff will quickly show you why those who go custom often never go back to off-the-rack.

We’re very pleased to welcome Ruttloff as a competition partner for Year Three.

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The undisputed kings of the thriving fade scene in Jakarta, Oldblue have helped put Indonesia’s makers on the map in a big way, rapidly becoming a popular choice for those who want to expand their denim horizons.

With their looping arcuates and embellishments, they bring a much-needed touch of the old west to the heavy denim scene. For the modern (and uncompromising cowboy), there’s no better brand out there.  

We’re proud to welcome Oldblue as a competition partner for Year Three.





For a premier tailored denim experience, look no further than Barcelona’s Companion Denim. Helmed by La Franquesa, one of Europe’s most gifted workwear ateliers, Companion provides discerning denimheads one-of-a-kind garments that will wear gracefully and age beautifully.

We’re very proud to welcome Lu and Companion Denim as one of our Year Three competition partners.   

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