Hall of Fades

At the end of 365 days of fading, we crown our champions. Here, in the Hall of Fades, we shine a spotlight on each year’s podium finishers, showcasing their stories and their fade journeys.



Year one

1st place

Muhammad Rizky 

Samurai S710XX25oz GDB 

*People’s Champ & Judge’s Choice*

Follow Rizky on IG: @notyourordinaryfades

Muhammad Rizky has emerged out of the Jakarta denim scene as a strong contender for the best denim fader in the world. He’s taken more than his share of gold in international denim fading competitions (1st place in the SDA x Denimio Fade Competition and 3rd place in the Denimio Great Denim Battle). As his trophy case has grown, so too has his international following. 

His fade recipe is straightforward. He bikes to school each day in the Indonesian heat, and he ups his difficulty score by wearing some of the heaviest leg breakers around.

His Samurai S710XX 25oz GDB Memorial pair developed slowly (as you’d expect with super heavyweights), but they started to gather momentum around the half-way mark. By the time he crossed the finish line, his well-defined whiskers and honeycombs, combined with his nicely washed out thigh fades made his pair the clear choice. He was the people’s champion, leading the way in votes, and our judge concurred:  Rizky’s pair was the creme de la creme of the Y1 pairs. 

Rizky is returning in Y2 to defend his crown.

2nd place

Stephen Snider

OD x PBJ 002

Follow Snider on IG: @denim_rambler 

Fading  comes naturally to Stephen Snider. When he was still living in Alaska (he’s station in Guam now) he regularly flung himself into the great outdoors. He climbed mountains, explored ice caves, and tramped through the muddy wilderness. He is never out of uniform (head to toe faded blues). 

Snider’s denim is his armour, and it comes in handy when he’s sliding down shale hills or careening through the bush on an ATM. With such heavy use, it’s no surprise that Snider finished on the podium.

What was surprising was that he was able to do so with only 10 months of fading (he started the competition two months late). 

This year, Snider will be starting with the pack, so don’t be surprised if he jumps out to an early lead.

3rd place

Alex Swords

Iron heart 555xhsib  

Follow Alex on IG: @kill_your_jeans

Boulder’s Alex Swords is no stranger to the podium. Shortly before starting Y1 of the Indigo Invitational, he won a fading competition with his Blue Owl x Pure Blue Japan PBJBOW001s. He’s got fading down to a science. 

As much as any of our competitors, Alex understands that rising through the ranks comes down to a combination of great fades and great photographs. He’s got a great eye for lighting and location, so his exceptional fades are always highlighted perfectly, giving him a considerable edge. 

He doesn’t wash his denim. He merely soaks them a few times over the course of the year. The results speak for themselves: eye-catching combs and whiskers that do full justice to his 555XHSib (some of the toughest faders you can find).